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NEA Elections: Meeting the candidates for VP/President Elect

2016-11-18 11:35 AM | Michelle Romero

The New England Archivists 2016 Election is now open. Voting will close at 8pm on Sunday, November 27, 2016. Using the unique ballot ID and access code, make sure to cast your vote.

This week the NEA 2016 Nominating Committee concludes our introduction to this year’s candidates.


When voting for the next Vice President/President-Elect — you are also voting for NEA’s next President. This position has a three-year term: the first year serves as Vice President, the second year serves as President, and the third year serves as Immediate Past President. For their first year, the elected candidate will serve as Vice President. They will work closely with the President, assisting in the business of NEA and selecting the sites and chairs for upcoming Meetings. In their second year, they will become President of NEA. As President they will conduct all of NEA’s business and become the spokesperson on archival concerns within the region as well as nationally. In their third year, this person will become the Immediate Past President. They will be responsible for the Nominating Committee (which organizes and monitors the NEA election), and the Distinguished Service and Archival Advocacy Awards Committees. 

This year we have two candidates for the position of Vice President/President-Elect (LISTED ALPHABETICALLY). Each candidate answered the question: What are NEA’s strengths and weaknesses? 

KAREN ADLER ABRAMSON, Director of Archives, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

Service to NEA: Member, Program Committee, Spring 2013 Meeting Co-Chair, Diversity Task Force, 2011-2013 Representative-at-Large, Board of Directors, 2006-2012 Member, Membership Recruitment and Retention Task Force, 2006-2008 Member, Program Committee, Fall 2007 Meeting Co-Chair, Program Committee, Spring 2005 Meeting 

From Statement: I am excited about the direction in which NEA is moving and would be honored to play an active role in helping to implement the organization’s bold strategic plan and to assess its efficacy in achieving desired outcomes.  

SARAH SHOEMAKER, Director/Associate University Librarian, University Archives & Special Collections, Brandeis University 

Service to NEA: Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies Associate Editor and founding member of editorial team for online journal co-sponsored by Yale University and New England Archivists, 2013 – present Founding member, Communications Committee, 2010 – 2013 Panelist, “Archival Software: What's the Best Fit for your Repository?” NEA conference, November 2012 Organizer, NEA summer program “The Worth of a Book: A Look At Rare-Book Selection And Appraisal,” June 30, 2010 

From Statement: I would welcome the opportunity to join with others to continue to expand understanding and appreciation of our valuable profession to new avenues and new eyes. 


Also included on the ballot will be NEA Code of Conduct. NEA members will be asked to vote on the adoption of a code of conduct policy for NEA spaces and events. The formal comment period for the draft ran from April 15th to June 1st, 2016. A final version of the code and supplemental information are now available on the NEA website (PDF). 

New England Archivists Nominating Committee 2016 
-- Colin Lukens (Chair) 
-- Sarah Demb 
-- Lisa Long Feldmann 
-- Peter Nelson 
-- Adrienne Pruitt 
-- Megan Schwenke

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