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First awarded in 1990, the New England Archivists Distinguished Service Award is given annually to a nominee (an individual, institution, or group of individuals or institutions) dedicated to the promotion of New England Archivists’ objectives and who has made significant contributions to the profession, their institution, New England Archivists, or the archival community in New England.

Completed nominations are due by March 1. Nominations are reviewed and the recipient chosen by the Nominating Committee. Applicants and nominees are informed of the Committee’s decision no later than March 15.

How to Apply

Nominee Eligibility
This award may be given to any nominee (an individual, institution, or group of individuals or institutions), regardless of NEA membership status, but the recipient must be or have been active in New England for a significant portion of their career. Preference is given to nominees whose work has had a broad, long-term impact, such as service to NEA, educational or scholarly activities, or leadership. The nominees will be considered on the basis of their contributions across all of these categories or on the basis of exceptional contributions in one particular area.

Members of the Executive Board are not eligible to receive this award. Previous award recipients are not eligible in subsequent award cycles. However, an employee or member of an institutional recipient of the award is eligible for the award.

The Distinguished Service Award may be awarded posthumously.

Nomination Submission
The nomination period begins in December, and completed nominations are due by March 1st. Nominees may be nominated by more than one applicant.

Submit complete applications to with “Distinguished Service Award Nomination” in the subject line.

Complete nominations will consist of:

  • A cover sheet including
    • Nominee’s name and contact information
    • Nominee’s title and institutional affiliation
    • Applicant’s name and contact information
    • Date of application
    • Applicant’s signature
  • A brief essay (500 words or less) detailing why the nominee deserves the award
  • (Optional) Nominee’s current resume
  • (Optional) Nominee’s publications, work products, course outlines, etc.
  • (Optional) Other supporting documentation

Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

The Nominating Committee may solicit nominations for nominees it feels are deserving of the award.

Nominations may be resubmitted in subsequent award cycles if they are not voted upon favorably when first submitted.

Nomination Review and Recipient Selection
One recipient can be chosen to receive this award each award cycle. The recipient of this award will be chosen on the merit of their nominations. Preference is given to nominees whose work has had a broad, long-term impact, such as service to NEA, educational or scholarly activities, or leadership. The nominees will be considered on the basis of their contributions across all of these categories or on the basis of exceptional contributions in one particular area.

A simple majority vote of the Nominating Committee will determine the recipient. Votes are submitted by Committee members privately to the Committee Chair, who compiles them and provides the Committee with the results. In the case of a tie, the President will cast the deciding vote.

The Nominating Committee may postpone voting on a nomination if additional information is required. In such cases, the Committee Chair will notify the nominator(s) that additional materials are needed. The Committee may only postpone the vote once. If requested by the Executive Board, the Committee Chair will report on the activity of the Committee to the Executive Board in a closed session.

If the Committee does not select a recipient from the nominations, or in the absence of nominations, the award will not be given.

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2022 - Julianna Kuipers
  • 2021 - Mary Caldera
  • 2020 - Ellen Doon
  • 2019 - Mary Ides
  • 2018 - Robert Cox
  • 2017 - Jeannette Bastian and Dan McCormack
  • 2016 - Kathryn Hammond Baker
  • 2015 - Nora Murphy
  • 2014 - Jane Ward
  • 2013 - Gregor Trinkaus-Randall
  • 2012 - No Award Given
  • 2011 - Ed Desrochers and Susan Von Salis
  • 2010 - Paul R. Bergeron
  • 2009 - No Award Given
  • 2008 - Ellen Cherpak
  • 2007 - No Award Given
  • 2006 - Megan Sniffin-Marinoff
  • 2005 - Joan Krizack
  • 2004 - no award made
  • 2003 - Patricia Bodak Stark and Bruce Stark
  • 2002 - David Horn and D. Gregory Sanford
  • 2001 - Jim O'Toole and Harry C. Keiner
  • 2000 - Connell B. Gallagher
  • 1999 - no award made
  • 1998 - no award made
  • 1997 - no award made
  • 1996 - no award made
  • 1995 - Eva Moseley and Helen Willa Samuels
  • 1994 - Randall Jimerson
  • 1993 - no award made
  • 1992 - no award made
  • 1991 - no award made
  • 1990 - John Kendall


Nominating Committee
Nominations are reviewed and recipients are chosen by the Nominating Committee, which is appointed by the Executive Board annually prior to the start of the application period. The Committee is made up of:

  • the (1) Immediate Past President (serves as Chair)
  • Two (2) to four (4) NEA members in good standing (selected by the Committee Chair)

In selecting the members of the Committee, the Chair should strive to create a committee that is diverse and inclusive, reflecting a range of tenure in the profession and NEA, geographical representation, gender, and professional practice.

Committee Files
Nominating Committee files, including nominations, are stored on NEA’s content management system and managed in accordance with the NEA Record Schedule.


  • By November 1st, Communications Committee begins advertising the award.
  • By November 10th and at the request of Immediate Past President, Communications Committee solicits volunteers from NEA membership to serve on the Distinguised Service Award Committee.
  • By November 20th, Committee Chair submits final Committee selection to Membership Secretary to verify member standing.
  • Upon verification of membership standing by Membership Secretary, Committee Chair submits final Committee selection to Board for approval.
  • By December 1st, Board approves Committee membership.
  • By December 1st, Communications Committee begins advertising that the nomination period for the award is open.
  • By March 1st, all completed nominations must be submitted to Committee Chair.
  • Within fourteen days of the submission deadline, Committee Chair announces recipient to Board and alerts applicants of decision. President informs in writing the recipient and the recipient’s employer of intention to present the Distinguished Service Award at the Awards Ceremony of the Spring Meeting and seeks permission from recipient to acknowledge their receipt of the award publicly.
  • At discretion of Board, Communications Committee handles announcements and press releases.
  • At the Award Ceremony at the Spring Meeting, Committee Chair acknowledges recipient and gives recipient a certificate with appropriate inscription. If requested by President and/or Committee Chair, nominators may participate in presentation of award.

Updated 2/09/2019

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