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Sally Blanchard-O'Brien and Erin Rhodes

Purpose: This roundtable will seek to discover, share, and collaborate with community archives projects that exist outside of “traditional” archival collections or institutions throughout the New England area. Through events and projects, it is our mission to connect NEA with these important initiatives, provide partnerships where and when we are needed, and advocate for communities that are marginalized by our institutions and/or whose voices have been silenced in our collections.

Goals and Objectives:
  • Learn and share various characteristics, ideas, and methods of the community archives movement with the NEA community; including, but not limited to:
    • “Liberatory Archives”
    • Participatory Archives
    • Post-custodial collecting
  • Engage with community archives projects throughout New England by:
    • Identifying community archives that either function within “formal” institutions or outside of them
    • Maintaining a list of these projects
    • Making connections with project founders or coordinators
  • Provide mentorship, guidance, and support for community archives projects functioning outside of “formal” archival institutions through partnerships and volunteering events
  • Maintain a virtual space of resources by and for community archives projects
    • Promote various projects or collections
    • Provide informational resources about preservation, access, and use of archival collections
  • Collaborate with museums, libraries, archives, community centers, and historical societies in order to identify, promote, and support community archives projects.

Join: To get involved, contact the Co-Chairs, Sally Blanchard-O'Brien and Erin Rhodes.

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