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New England Archivists is a volunteer organization led by a board of voting and non-voting members.  All voting members are elected by the membership and serve a term of between one and three years, depending on the position.  Non-voting Board members are selected by the Board and are not bound by term lengths.

Please visit NEA’s contact page for a full listing of NEA volunteers who are available to answer questions by subject. Contact information for specific Board members is also available by searching the membership directory.  An organizational chart of the roles within NEA may also be viewed.

Voting Executive Board Members

President – Job description [pdf]
Caitlin Birch (Spring 2022 - Spring 2023)

Vice President/President Elect – Job description [pdf]
Brett Freiburger (Spring 2022 - Spring 2023)

Immediate Past President – Job description [pdf]

Genna Duplisea (Spring 2022 – Spring 2023)

Representative-At-Large Job description [pdf]
Stephanie Krauss (Spring 2020 – Spring 2023)
Patrick Ford (Spring 2021 – Spring 2024)
Abbey Malangone (Spring 2022 – Spring 2025)
Peter Carini (Spring 2022 – Spring 2025)

– Job description [pdf]
Michelle Farias (Spring 2022 - Spring 2024)

Job description [pdf]

Stephanie Gold (Spring 2022 – Spring 2023)

Non-Voting Executive Board Members

Archivist – Job description [pdf]
Laura Smith (appointed by repository)

Clerk of the Corporation – Job description [pdf]
Juliana Kuipers (indefinite appointment)

Listserv Moderator –  Job description [pdf]
Irene Gates (2021-2024)

Meeting Coordinator – Job description [pdf]
Emily Atkins (Pilot 2019 - 2022, extended to 2023)

Records Manager – Job description [pdf]
Elizabeth Carron (2021-2024)

Registrar – Job description [pdf]

Becky White (2022-2024)

Treasurer-electJob description [pdf]
Sean Parke (Spring 2022 – Spring 2023)

Vendor Coordinator – Job description [pdf]
Sarah Arriaga (2021-2024)


Communications CommitteeDescription [pdf]
Henry Caiazzo (Chair, February 2020 - March 2022)

Education CommitteeDescription [pdf]
Nicole Besseghir (Co-Chair, June 2020 - January 2023)
Chloe Gerson (Co-Chair, February 2021 - January 2024)

Financial Planning CommitteeDescription [pdf]
Dan McCormack (Chair, 2021-2023 )
Jessica Farrell (Vice-chair/Chair-elect, July 2022 - July 2024)

Inclusion and Diversity CommitteeDescription [pdf]
Jeanne Lowrey (Chair, Fall 2021 – Fall 2022)
Meg Rinn (Vice-chair/Chair-elect, Fall 2021 – Fall 2022)

Membership CommitteeDescription [pdf]
Brittany Fox (Chair, July 2022 - July 2025)

NEA Newsletter CommitteeDescription [pdf]
Charlotte Lellman (Co-Chair, April 2020 - June 2023)
Vanessa Formato (Co-Chair, April 2020 - June 2023)

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