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Working under the direction of the NEA Executive Board is a series of short-term and long-standing committees and task forces. All committee/task force participants are NEA members and are appointed by the Board and may utilize a shared workspace wiki. For access, contact NEA’s Web Administrator

Please visit NEA’s contact page for a full listing of NEA volunteers who are available to answer questions by subject. Contact information for specific committee members is also available by searching the membership directory. An organizational chart of the roles within NEA may also be viewed.

If you are interested in volunteering for a position within NEA contact the Immediate Past President, who serves as chair of the Nominating Committee.

Click on a committee name to jump to the list of volunteers below:

Archival Advocacy Award Committee
No current members

Audio-Visual Professional Development Award Subcommittee
Chair: Jennifer Betts

Communications Committee - Description
Chair: Henry Caiazzo (February 2020 - March 2022)
Julia Callahan: Web Administrator (March 2021 - March 2024)
Abbey Malangone: Community Engagement Coordinator (May 2018 - May 2021)
Social Media Coordinator
Caroline White: Copy Editor (March 2020- March 2023)
Board Representative, Member-at-Large: Jennifer Betts

Distinguished Service Award Committee
No current members

Education Committee - Description

Chair: Nicole Besseghir (January 2020 - January 2023)
Jordan Meyerl (January 2020 - December 2022)
Ashley Cale (January 2020 - December 2022)
Molly Bruce Patterson (January 2020 - January 2023)
Aimie Westphal (October 2018 - September 2021)
Chloe Gerson (February 2021 - January 2024)
Kathy Bohlman (February 2021 - January 2024)
Martha Ball - student member (February 2021 - January 2022)

Financial Planning Committee - Description
No current members

Haas Award Committee
Chair: Stephanie Krauss
Hale Award Committee
Chair: Cristina Prochilo

Inclusion and Diversity Committee
- Description
Chair: Stephanie Bredbenner (November 2020 - November 2021)
Dorothy J. Berry (Member, 2018-2020)
Stephanie Bredbenner (Member 2018-2020)
Joan Ilacqua (Member, 2018-2019)
Meghan Rinn (Member, 2018-2019)
Board Representative, Member at Large: Cristina Prochilo

Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies Editorial Board - Description and Plan

Anna Clutterbuck-Cook (March 2019-March 2022)
Carrie B. Evans (September 2019-March 2022)
Jessica Holden (March 2019-March 2022)
Monika Lehman (March 2019-March 2022)

MA History Conference Planning Committee, NEA Representative
Christina Tanguay

Meeting and Travel Scholarship Committee
No current members

Membership Committee - Description
Chair: Sam Howes, (May 2018 - May 2021)

Jeannette Bastian, Simmons College Mentoring Liaison
Andrew Elder, Mentoring Liaison (March 2019 - November 2020)
Chelsea Frank (September 2017 - September 2020)
Jen Hale, Mentoring Liaison (March 2019 - November 2020)
Jessica Holden, Mentoring Program Administrator (January 2018 - January 2020)
Amelia Holmes, Annual Meeting Coordinator (October 2018 - October 2021)
Sam Howe, Interim Mentoring Liaison
Stephanie Krauss, Meet-Up Organizer (October 2018 - October 2021)
Colin Lukens, Survey Coordinator (December 2018 to December 2021)
Cate Peebles (September 2017 - September 2020)
Elizabeth Slomba, Membership Secretary (June 2017 - June 2020)
Blake Spitz (September 2017 - September 2020)
Board Representative, Member-at-Large: Molly Brown

NEA Newsletter Editors - Description

Danielle Castronovo, Chair/Reviews Editor (January 2019 - January 2022)
Vanessa Formato, Session Reports editor (April 2020 - April 2023)
Jessica Holden, News and Notes Editor (October 2021 - October 2024)
Charlotte Lellman, Inside NEA/This Season in New England History editor (April 2020 - April 2023)
Board Representative, Member-at-Large: Jennifer Betts

Nominating Committee

Chair: Karen Adler Abramson
Prudence Doherty
Ellen Doon
Sarah Galligan
Heather Moran

Program Committee - Fall 2021
Chair: Kathi Isham
Thomas Lester
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Thera Webb

Program Committee - Spring 2022
Chair: Elisa Graydon

Regional Archival Associations Consortium Representative
Jennifer Betts

Roundtable Liaison
Molly Brown

Susan J. Von Salis Student Meeting and Travel Scholarship Committee
Chair: Molly Brown

Volunteer Coordinator
Stephanie Krauss

Volunteer Legal Advisor

Kyle K. Courtney, Esq.

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