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The NEADiscuss listserv was created to enable members of New England Archivists to communicate with each other about items of common professional interest. The following categories of messages are appropriate for the list: announcements of archival programs not sponsored by NEA, announcements of exhibits with a significant archival content, questions about archival practices, discussion of archival issues, discussion of political issues that affect the professional life of the archival community, and announcements of archival jobs. All subscribers can post messages.

To Subscribe

The listserv is open to current NEA members only. Subscription requests should be sent to the NEA Listserv moderator. Members will receive an email from the listserv moderator with further instructions on how to join the group. 

Using the Listserv

Members have two options regarding their level of participation in the listserv. For members who wish to only take part in email discussions, registering for a Yahoo email account IS NOT required. However to take advantage of the web-based features of Yahoo Groups, members must have a registered Yahoo account.

To post a message, simply send an email to You can add an attachment just as you would for any other email message. 

If you would prefer instead to post a message through our group homepage you must first log in with your Yahoo credientials; simply click on the purple “New Topic” button on the upper right side of the page and fill in the message. To include an attachment, click on the paperclip icon in the toolbar above the body of the message you are sending. 

To unsubscribe from the listserv or to change your email address for the listserv, contact the listserv moderator at


Official NEA announcements are sent by the NEA Communications Committee to the NEADiscuss listserv via nea_announce@
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