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NEA elections: Meet the Candidates for Treasurer

2016-11-16 9:35 AM | Michelle Romero

Voting in the New England Archivists' 2016 Elections will open shortly. Private and secure voting will take place online through All members in good standing will receive a personal email with your unique username and password.

This week the NEA 2016 Nominating Committee continues to introduce this year’s candidates through a series of announcements.


The Treasurer is an active voting member on the Executive Board. They maintain NEA’s finances, develop the annual budget, work with various committees on financial policies and purchases, monitors award funds, and help keep NEA fiscally solvent. This year we have two candidates for the position of Treasurer (LISTED ALPHABETICALLY).

Each candidate answered the question: What would you bring to your role as the NEA Treasurer?

EMILY ATKINS, Survey Archivist, Harvard Libraries
Service to NEA: NEA Registrar, 2013-present Project manager for the website revision taskforce Presenter “Two Takes on Early American History: Documentation and Collaboration Across Repositories,” #NEAsp16 #s206 Ad Hoc data mining project on behalf of NEA leadership reviewing past member surveys Local Arrangements Committee, #MARACNEA15 Presenter “Codices and Widgets and Plugins, Oh My! Putting WordPress to Work for Archives,” #NEAfall14
From Statement: As Treasurer, I will build upon the strong foundation that has been laid and continue the work leveraging your money to do the most for you. Decisions we make now, such as taking advantage of bulk and multi-year discounts, will position us for a better financial future and enable our ambitious plans to come to fruition.

NADIA DIXSON, Records Manager, City of Somerville
Service to NEA: Panel presentation NEA Spring 2016 “Just One, I’m a Few: Lone Arranging When You Wish You Could Clone Yourself”
From Statement: I have experience in the mundane task of recording day to day financial transactions as well as communicating regulatory requirements. I look forward to bringing the skills of my former career to my current vocation.


Also included on the ballot will be NEA Code of Conduct. NEA members will be asked to vote on the adoption of a code of conduct policy for NEA spaces and events. The formal comment period for the draft ran from April 15th to June 1st, 2016. A final version of the code and supplemental information are now available on the NEA website (PDF).

New England Archivists Nominating Committee 2016
-- Colin Lukens (Chair)
-- Sarah Demb
-- Lisa Long Feldmann
-- Peter Nelson
-- Adrienne Pruitt
-- Megan Schwenke

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