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MA Funding Restored

2016-08-01 2:10 PM | Michelle Romero

Two weeks ago the New England Archivists sent out a letter of appeal to help save funding to the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) and the Massachusetts Center for the Book.

VICTORY!  Funding was restored after State House lawmakers overrode Gov. Charlie Baker’s 55% budget cut. Thank your legislators! Read more about the restored budget on the Boston Globe.

NEA President, Jennifer Gunter King received a thank you email from MA State Senator, Stan Rosenberg:


Thanks for your email regarding Governor Baker’s FY17 vetoes to the Legislature’s budget. Earlier this month, the Legislature passed a balanced budget reflecting its priorities including investments in education, the arts, and assisting those who are in need of a helping hand. I am pleased to inform you that over the last two weeks, the Legislature was successful in restoring funding for many of these important programs. Included in these overrides was the restored funding for the Mass Cultural Council (MCC), a program I have passionately supported for many years. We also restored funding for our libraries and important literacy programs such as the Center for the Book. The Legislature was also successful in restoring funding for programs supported in line-item 4512-0200 which provides important addiction treatment services. As the Commonwealth continues to endure an opioid addiction epidemic, it is important that we remain committed to supporting these critical services. We were also successful in restoring language that requires health insurance companies to cover treatment for chronic Lyme disease, ensuring those suffering from this debilitating disease can receive the treatment they need to live normal lives.

The Legislature continued its commitment to helping those in need with restored funding to several programs assisting those that are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. Included in overrides was line-item 7003-0102 funding Emergency Assistance Family Shelters, and line-item 7004-3036 which funds programs for assistance to homeless Individuals. Finally, the Legislature restored language for Municipal Retiree Health Insurance Premium Freeze to protect retirees from increases in insurance costs. Since all overrides must originate in the House, several important issues were never debated in the Senate. For a complete list of budget overrides please visit our website.

Thanks again for taking the time to weigh in on this issue. I appreciate hearing from constituents on matter of importance to them. Please do not hesitate to contact my office, should you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns. For more information on issues affecting our district and the Commonwealth as a whole, please visit my website at:, on Facebook at or follow me on Twitter @SenStan.


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