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CommComm is looking for TWO new members

2015-07-27 7:09 AM | Michelle Romero


NEA’s Communications Committee is looking for two reliable and motivated people willing to learn and to challenge themselves marketing NEA’s news, events, and activities.

We have two open positions that begin September 1st:


    Oversees announcements and press releases sent to listservs.
    Maintains the CommComm contact list.
    Maintains and works with the email account.

This position will work with the Chair and the Copy Editor to send announcements to the NEA membership and to other archivists and information professionals in New England region. We generally send out one to two announcements per week, but it can get busy around the Spring and Fall Meetings. We are looking for someone who is good with editing text to be professionally interesting and eye-catching as well as for someone who is able to send out announcements on a quick turn-around to a variety of listservs.


    Maintains NEA’s social media accounts at TwitterFacebookLinkedInPinterest, and Vimeo.
    Maintains and works with the email account.
    Creates new social media accounts for NEA if there is a need.
    Posts announcements and items of regional interest regularly on Twitter and Facebook.
    Coordinates and promotes social media during NEA Meetings:
         -- names the meeting hashtag
         -- posts announcements and news coming from the Meeting Committee
         -- coordinates with the Meeting Committee about creating local food/entertainment boards and maps on Pinterest (example here)
         -- organizes an introduction to meeting attendees about how to use Twitter
         -- actively tweets and posts to Facebook during meetings
         -- coordinates with Meeting Committee to obtain any video recordings for Vimeo

This position will work with the Chair, Announcement Coordinator, and Web New/Events Coordinator to push out all announcements to Facebook and Twitter (and other social media accounts when appropriate). There is a lot of opportunity to integrate and expand NEA’s presence outside of our website -- we need an innovative and creative person for this position!


Both positions have a lot of autonomy, so we are looking for people who can be relied upon to work on their own schedule. If you would like to apply, send a letter of interest stating which position you would like to apply for and why you would be a good fit.

Joining an NEA committee is a great way to network and get involved in the archives community. Working with CommComm, you will really be making a difference for NEA. 

Send questions and letters of interest to Jessica Tanny, chair of the Communications Committee at We will consider all applications until Friday August 28th. (Please note: both positions begin September 1st, but will overlap with the current position-holder for one month.)

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