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Thank you from the NEA Board

2015-03-27 8:52 AM | Michelle Romero

NEA could not operate without our many volunteers who donate their time, efforts, and skills to organize our programs and events. It is because of them that NEA has such a thriving and dynamic community. The NEA Board would like to acknowledge in particular those volunteers whose terms ended between the Spring Meetings of 2014 and 2015.

Thank you to the following members for your service to NEA:

Awards and Scholarships Committee
Elizabeth Cousins
Orson Kingsley
Veronica Martzahl

Distinguished Service and Archival Advocacy Award Committees:
Rosemary Davis
Rosalie Gartner

Education Committee
Co-Chair: Jim DaMico
Michael Lotstein
Katie Seitz
Anastasia Weigle

Listserv Moderator:
Kristen Albert

Membership Committee:
Co-Chair: Hanna Cluttterbuck-Cook

Membership Secretary:
Kristine (Reinhard) Sjostedt

Nominating Committee:
Tom Blake
Adrienne Pruitt
Gregor Trinkaus-Randall
Darla White

Alyssa Pacy

Web Committee:
Chair: Veronica Martzahl
Chair: Kelliann Bogan

Fall 2014 Program Committee
Chair: Abby Cramer
Keith Chevalier
Michelle Chiles
Genna Duplisea
John Healey
Keith Pendergrass
Julie Swierczek

Spring 2015 Program Committee
Co-chair: Camille Torres Hoven
Co-chair: Liz Francis
Liz Andrews
Erica Boudreau
Renee DesRoberts
Elise Dunham
Frances Harrell
Aliza Leventhal
Peter Rawson
Mary Richardson
Aaron Rubinstein

Spring 2015 Local Arrangement Committee
Chair: Christina Zamon
Meghan Bailey
Krista Ferrante
Rosalie Gartner
Meridith Halsey
Brendan Higgins
Megan Schwenke
Emily Tordo
Jane Ward

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