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Share a ride to Spring 2015!

2015-02-17 8:30 AM | Michelle Romero

Looking for a ride to the Spring 2015 MARAC/NEA Joint Meeting, or willing to share a spot in your car in exchange for fine company (and/or gas money)? We've created an online, self-service carpooling sign-up sheet where you can connect with other members looking to share a ride.

Just enter your name and contact info, when and from where you're traveling, and whether you're a driver (with a car) or a rider. Then, wait to be contacted by other carpoolers, or go ahead and contact others who list pick-up locations and dates in line with your travel plans.

**Please note: NEA is not responsible for the contents of these spreadsheets or for any actions that result from using these spreadsheets. Members are entirely responsible for making their own arrangements, including meeting times, sharing the cost of gas, etc., and for following through with their plans.**

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