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Your Feedback is Needed for NEA's Inclusion and Diversity Statement

2014-03-03 11:12 AM | Veronica Martzahl

Over the past three years, the NEA Board has been working on an inclusion and diversity initiative for the organization. A Diversity Task Force was appointed in June 2011 and they submitted a final report with recommendations to the Board in June 2013. 

As a next step in our efforts, we are working on an inclusion and diversity statement for NEA. This statement is intended to be dynamic, kinetic, and fluid. Membership input is vital to this process, therefore your feedback is important and will help to strengthen and improve this statement. 

Three draft inclusion and diversity statements have been crafted.  Please share your comments on these statements here:


You can also comment on our forum page here:


Discussion and feedback with membership will continue at the Spring 2014 meeting and in subsequent surveys. 

Thank you for helping NEA take this important step forward!


Alyssa Pacy

NEA President

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