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The Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies (JCAS) welcomes applications for peer reviewers

2014-02-26 11:23 AM | Veronica Martzahl

The Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies (JCAS) welcomes applications for peer reviewers. The JCAS editorial board will maintain a list with the names and expertise of reviewers who will then be matched to articles as needed. 

About JCAS

The journal’s mission is to further awareness of issues and developments in the work of professional archivists, curators, and historians, and serve as a locus for graduate students and professionals in library science, archival science, and public history to contribute original works of research and inquiry for peer review and publication. JCAS publishes research articles, case studies, literature reviews (book, web-based, multimedia), work-in-progress articles, and conference reports that emphasize unique intellectual and technological developments in the archival profession. JCAS is an open-access, online academic journal published via the Berkeley Electronic Press Digital Commons platform.

About the Peer Review Process

JCAS follows a double-blind review process so that author and reviewer will remain anonymous to one another. Peer reviewers will focus on the content of the manuscriptundefinedits originality and reasoning, its structure, its tone, and the soundness of its researchundefinedwhile also taking into consideration the quality of the writing. After evaluating an article, peer reviewers will submit a report with publishing recommendations to the editorial board. Reviews must be completed in 21 days.

If you are interested in serving as a JCAS peer reviewer, please submit a short statement (maximum 150 words) describing your qualifications and area(s) of expertise along with a resume or CV to the JCAS editorial board ( Applicants will be notified via email when they are added to the list of JCAS peer reviewers. Peer reviewers will be contacted as needed and can decline particular assignments whenever a timely completion of a review is not possible.

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